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Matching eggs shaped toys

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SKU: 32568730896

Matching eggs shaped toys

Name: Pairing clever egg 106 g

Packaging: plastic bag packing a bag packed 6 whole eggs 12 eggs

Specification: The size and the size of the real eggs

Material: high quality non-toxic plastic

packing include:6 X fight inserted blocks

Usage: 1. Pairing: put a few eggs half points together, let the baby assembly.
2. Collision: put a few eggs together, let the baby play freely, hit each other.
3. physical and picture does not necessarily correspond to the colors and shapes!

Product Description: This product is designed for export made, high-quality plastics, fine processing, bright colors and soft, rounded corners have each burr, will not hurt the baby tender hands; the product with the real eggs that big , the baby can not eat ,, you can rest assured the entrance to the baby independent play.

Product description: equipped with six (12 half, which is not the same shape) eggs and egg shape exactly true, be true, crisp sound of collision, funny kind of rotation, making it unique in the toy group . It is the greatest temptation in internal, but also its function where, colorful variety of shapes and symbols, so that children love. Thereby enhancing the ability of baby to know graphic, inspired baby hand-eye coordination downtown, train response capability, can also improve your baby’s intelligence.

Game types and methods:1Pairing:Put a few eggs half points together, so that children assembled.2Collision: put a few eggs together, let the children play freely, hit each other.

Material: high quality plastic

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